Everyone experiences pain from time to time, from an ailment such as a headache, or an injury, such as a cut. Typically, the pain from these types of conditions goes away on its own or can be successfully treated using over-the-counter pain medications. However, chronic pain can be very intense and persists over time, making it difficult for you to complete daily tasks and impacting your enjoyment of life.

At Paragon Integrated Medical, our professional team is highly experienced in providing effective treatment options for chronic pain that get you feeling better and back to your life. Skilled and compassionate chiropractor Patrick Connolly DC and his friendly and experienced staff are dedicated to providing you with optimal care in a safe and comfortable environment. We provide fully personalized chiropractic care along with rehab and regenerative medicine services.

What causes chronic pain?

Many different things can cause chronic pain. Sometimes it is from an accident that results in serious injury to one or more parts of your body. Chronic pain can also be caused by overuse of a certain body part, causing repetitive trauma. Many types of chronic pain are the result of a persistent, significant health condition, such as:

Sometimes the cause of chronic pain is unknown, as it can sometimes be difficult to determine the exact source of the pain. However, whatever the cause, you need effective treatment options that relieve your discomfort and allow you to get back to your life.

Overcome chronic pain through integrated care

Though pain medications can sometimes dull the discomfort of chronic pain, they aren’t the only option for addressing discomfort. Often the most effective way to treat chronic pain is to develop an integrated care plan that addresses your pain by coordinating a variety of treatment options.

When you make an appointment at our practice, Dr. Connolly takes the time to know you to provide effective treatments fully. He reviews your medical history, listens to you describe your current concerns, completes a physical exam, and orders any needed diagnostic tests.

Based on the information he has gathered, Dr. Connolly develops a treatment plan that includes several treatments to address your conditions’ different aspects. Depending on what Dr. Connolly determines will help you, some of the services you receive may include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Muscle stimulation therapy
  • Regenerative medicine treatments
  • Platelet-rich plasma therapy
  • Massage therapy

Through an integrated treatment plan, you can be assured that you are receiving coordinated services that complement each other. This gives you the most effective treatment plan that addresses the different aspects of your chronic pain, allowing you to overcome it and get back to enjoying life.

To learn more about integrated care for chronic pain, set up an appointment by calling our office or use our convenient online appointment booking system to select a date and time that work for your schedule.

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