Car accidents are incredibly common and highly stressful events. According to the U.S. Census, there are about 10.8 million crashes every year. Whether just a fender bender or a more serious accident, crashes can cause significant and lasting damage to your car as well as your body.

At Paragon Integrated Medical in Lake Elsinore, California, highly respected and skilled chiropractor Patrick Connolly DC provides in-depth physical exams to find the causes of injuries that are apparent and those that are hidden. Along with his friendly and competent staff, Dr. Connolly provides a spectrum of effective treatments to relieve your pain and restore your freedom of movement.

The value of seeing chiropractic care after an injury

When you are in a traumatic situation, your body reacts in certain ways that are designed to keep you safe. Many people have heard this described as the “fight or flight” response. Your breathing speeds up and your heart rate increases, pumping more oxygen-rich blood to your muscles. You feel less pain while having a burst of energy from adrenaline.

These changes in your body may cause you to not be aware of some or all of the injuries you have sustained in the accident. It’s valuable to seek chiropractic care for a number of very important reasons.

Reduced pain

When you are injured, you experience pain that is usually caused by inflammation which can result in swelling or tenderness. Dr. Connolly and his team offer a number of non medication-based therapies that reduce inflammation, which decreases your discomfort while supporting your body healing as quickly as possible. These therapies include chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, rehab stretches, hot and cold therapy, and muscle stimulation.

Treatment for hidden injuries

When you’ve been in an auto accident, it’s crucial that you get treatment as soon as possible for any injuries you have. Some of the most common injuries, such as concussions, whiplash, and herniated discs, may be hidden from you at first, only appearing days and weeks after your accident. Getting a thorough physical exam by a qualified chiropractor ensures that any hidden injuries are discovered and treated quickly and effectively.

Less expensive than surgery

Although surgery is often recommended for some types of injuries that may be sustained in auto accidents, this may not be the best option for you. Surgeries can be risky, expensive, and painful, resulting in long recovery times. Dr. Connolly offers effective nonsurgical treatments that allow you to potentially avoid the risks and discomfort of surgeries while getting the healing and increased range of motion you need.

To learn more about how a chiropractor helps you recover from a personal injury, call our office to set up an appointment today. You can also use our convenient online booking system to find a date and time that work best for you.

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