Virtually every person experiences headaches. But dealing with head pain on a regular basis isn’t normal. Whether you get recurrent headaches or head pain is a part of your experience every single day, your headache disorder is treatable.

While medical professionals have historically turned to medication to alleviate head pain, new research shows that drug-free treatment could be just as effective. That’s why Patrick Connolly, DC, and our team at Paragon Integrated Medical offer Muscle Stimulation here at our office in Lake Elsinore, California. With this noninvasive, convenient treatment, we can help to disrupt the pain signals that cause your headaches.

Is muscle stim a fit for your head pain? Let’s take a closer look.

Understanding muscle stim

Muscle stimulation — or muscle stim, for short — sends electrical impulses through small electrode pads. Dr. Connolly strategically places those pads on your skin. They look and feel a lot like stickers, but they’re connected to small electrical wires, allowing Dr. Connolly to send targeted stimulation to the electrodes.

That electrical stimulation causes muscle contractions. In turn, that uses up the adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the compound that creates contractions, in your muscles. Once all of the ATP is expended, the treated muscle can’t retain any tightness, nor can it spasm. This brings relief from a variety of pain types, including head pain.

Additionally, muscle stim can help to disrupt the pain signals in the treated area. That can help to put a stop to specific types of head pain, like migraines.

Muscle stim usually takes 15 minutes or less. It might feel tingly, but it should never feel uncomfortable. After your muscle stim treatment, you can get back to your day without any downtime.

Muscle stim for headaches

Talk with Dr. Connolly so he can determine if muscle stim would be an effective part of your headache treatment plan. It can work for a variety of headache types. Because it forces muscle relaxation, it can soothe tension headaches, for example. Studies have shown that it’s also effective in alleviating migraines, too.

Some people see total relief from their headaches with muscle stim, while others use it to reduce their dependence on medications. Because it’s a safe, noninvasive, no-downtime treatment, many people find it well worth exploring to see how it can help with their head pain.

If you’re curious about muscle stim and what it could do for your headaches, don’t hesitate to schedule a visit to discuss this treatment option with Dr. Connolly. You can call our office to set up an appointment or use our online appointment request form on our website. We look forward to helping you find treatment that brings you fewer days with headaches.

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