Although most people experience aches and pains from time to time, they typically go away on their own or by taking over-the-counter pain relievers. Chronic pain is a more serious type of discomfort that doesn’t respond to these nonprescription medications, and can last for months. Chronic conditions that cause lasting pain can severely impact your ability to complete everyday tasks, and make life a lot less fun.

At Paragon Integrated Medical in Lake Elsinore, California, Patrick Connolly DC is a highly respected and experienced chiropractor who provides accurate diagnoses and effective treatments for injuries and chronic pain. Drawing from a wide range of therapies, Dr. Connolly provides a customized care plan that relieves your discomfort, restoring your range of motion and giving you your life back. Learn about the types of regenerative medicine that Dr. Connolly offers.

What is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a revolutionary form of treatment that uses your body’s own natural healing powers to help your tissues repair after an injury. The two main types we offer are Human Cellular Tissue Products and Platelet Rich Plasma. Regenerative medicine is all-natural, and doesn’t involve complicated surgeries or medications, or lengthy recovery times.

What are the different types of regenerative medicine?

Ar Paragon Integrated Medical, we provide the latest in effective, innovative treatment options that relieve your pain and get you moving again. We offer two main types of regenerative medicine.

Human Cellular Tissue Products (HCTP)

Human cellular tissue products are used in regenerative medicine for their healing properties. These natural human tissue products, such as mesenchymal stem cells, can be injected into areas of your body that have suffered injury, allowing you to heal naturally. They can provide a reduction in inflammation, swelling, and pain, and spur the healing of your damaged tissues, getting you back to normal sooner.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet rich plasma is a regenerative medicine treatment that uses platelets to boost your body’s healing of injuries. Platelets are cells that circulate in your bloodstream, traveling to areas of injury to stop the flow of bleeding by causing your blood to clot. They signal to the body that healing is needed in the area of injury.

To complete the therapy, Dr. Connolly takes a sample of your own blood, separating the liquid plasma from the solid components. He then takes the platelets and puts them back into the plasma, creating a powerful solution. Then he injects this platelet rich plasma back into your body in the area where you are injured, spurring healing.

To learn more about regenerative medicine, call our office to set up an appointment, or use our online booking system to find a date and time that work best for you.

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