Many diseases and conditions can cause stress and break down tissues in your body, causing you pain and difficulty moving. Your joints, especially those located in your knees, back, hips, and neck, take a lot of stress and are likely to be injured. Surgery is complex, costly, takes a long recovery time, and medications aren’t always effective.

At Paragon Integrated Medical in Lake Elsinore, California, we are dedicated to helping you find the treatments you need to allow you to move freely without pain. Our highly skilled and experienced clinicians offer highly effective treatments for many pain types, including back, neck, muscle, chronic pain, and pain from sports injuries.

Along with their dedicated and friendly staff, Dr. Connolly and the team provide a welcoming and supportive environment for you to get the treatments you need to get back to doing what you need and want to do.

What are Alternative Pain Therapies?

Alternative pain therapies are a revolutionary medical approach that uses your body’s inherent healing powers to provide effective pain treatment. Several different types of alternative pain therapies can be used, depending on the source and intensity of the pain you are experiencing.

What can alternative paint therapies treat?

Alternative pain therapies and other treatments, including chiropractic care, physical therapy, and other therapy types, can be used together to provide you the most effective and lasting pain relief without surgery or medications.

alternative pain therapies are used to treat many conditions, including:

  • Sports injuries
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Muscle pain and tightness
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic pain

Your provider records your medical history and your current symptoms before ordering any needed diagnostic tests during your appointment. He then discusses a possible treatment plan that incorporates the therapies that will provide relief for your pain.

To learn more about alternative pain therapies and what they can do for you, call our office to set up an appointment or use our handy online booking system to schedule your appointment today!

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