When you are in pain, every little movement can be much more difficult, if not impossible.  Medications can only help so much, and you don’t want to take them long term. Muscle stim offers a medication-free, effective treatment option for musculoskeletal pain that addresses your discomfort and gets you moving again.

At Paragon Integrated Medical, Patrick Connolly, DC is a skilled chiropractor with extensive experience helping people regain their ability to move freely without pain after injuries and accidents. Supported by his friendly and knowledgeable staff, Dr. Connolly sees patients at our Lake Elsinore, California, medical office. Dr. Connolly offers the latest ineffective treatment options, including muscle stim.

What is muscle stim?

Muscle stim is a non-invasive treatment for pain from sore muscles. Also known as electrical stimulation (e-stim), it uses very mild electrical impulses to contract your muscles, relieving built-up tension and soreness along with the pain caused by that tension. This same stimulation treatment can also be used to strengthen your muscles.

What is muscle stim like?

At your first appointment, Dr. Connolly reviews your medical history and completes a full physical examination, including any needed tests, before providing a diagnosis. He develops a treatment plan that incorporates any therapies that can help address your condition.

If muscle stimulation is part of that treatment plan, Dr. Connolly explains what the treatment is like and answers any questions and concerns you may have.

To complete the treatment, Dr. Connolly places electrode pads on the surface of your skin at the site(s) of tension. He then connects these pads to a muscle stimulation device. Once turned on, this device then sends gentle impulses to the electrodes and into your muscles. Typically, the entire treatment session takes 15 minutes or less, but Dr. Connolly customizes your exact treatment plan according to your specific needs.

The muscle stimulation treatment is not painful, though you may feel some tingling or twitching sensations in your muscles. If you are uncomfortable, Dr. Connolly can make adjustments to the device settings to reduce any discomfort.

Who can benefit from muscle stim?

Muscle stim is a highly effective and versatile treatment that can be used to provide relief from pain and support healing from many different conditions, including:

  • Sports injuries
  • Headaches
  • Back and neck pain
  • Whiplash
  • Strained muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Recovery from surgery

The muscle stim treatment relieves the tension that is related to all of these conditions. When the pressure is relieved, your pain goes away, and you can move freely again. Your body can heal more quickly, and you can rebuild any lost strength from your injuries.

To learn more about muscle stim, call our office to set up an appointment or use our online appointment booking system to find a date and time that work best for your schedule.

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